Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carrot Conquest

Yes! Carrots are in my possession.

Life energy spent getting them = 2 hours
Vitamins in carrots = A, C, B-6
Cost of carrots = 99 cents
Thrill of victory = priceless


  1. I'm hugely relieved to know that you procured a pound of fresh vegetables. May I make a recommendation? Go to the Civic Center farmers market on Wednesday- near your work- and go to the places where you see crowds of older Asian women. Those are the places that sell really cheap produce. Spend $2 that day, but portion out that produce to last you for 5 days. You'll be eating fresher and healthier.

    Note: if you see a very long line of older Asian women and men, keep moving, that's the line for live chickens. I don't think you are ready for that.

  2. Yes Ed, I know you are right about the farmer's market and actually I have gone over there every week. There's just too many anonymous green vegetables out this time of year- I don't know what the heck these veggies are or how to cook them. I can identify bok choy and cabbage, and that's about it. But the farmer's market is where I got bag o'kiwis- so my wanderings have produced something.

    As far as the chickens go.... LOL. I too have seen those live chickens and at one time considered buying one because they are so cheap. But I decided I didn't really want to slaughter a chicken in my kitchen after all.