Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 14- $1 a day

My insightful friend Ed had this comment on my blog yesterday:

“Mel, you've been very food focused in this blog. But the poor have other things to consider besides food in their day to day existence. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on things besides what you will eat each day.

For example, I've travelled to many third world locals, and I'm always amazed at the ability of poor people to have such a good time. I'm not trivializing the difficulties of poverty. But I have had the most raucous laughter, the most intensely spirited and joyful exchanges, with poor people. Sometimes when we didn't even speak a common language.

So Mel, how are you managing to have FUN on $1 a day? How are you finding joy in your life without a budget to generate that joy?”

Ed brings up a good point and in answer to his question the reason I haven’t written about fun and joy in my life is because I haven’t had any since I started the experiment March 1st. But that is mostly because I’ve been sick— not because my experiment is making me miserable.

So coincidentally, tonight I was at a house concert showcasing my friend Elizabeth’s and her friend Ronen’s fabulous singing and songwriting. There was music and laughter. Hugs and affection. Food and friendship. Serious conversation and silliness. Old friends and new friends. Twenty-somethings, and one amazing 98 year old. There was respect and support for two people who are stepping out on their musical dreams. The excitement was palpable. There was love in the house.

My heart is bursting with joy as I head to bed because I know that I am rich in friends, rich in experiences, rich in opportunities, rich in talent, rich in humor. I have a rich quality of life. And I didn’t spend a penny tonight.

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  1. Interesting thoughts. I blogged about a similar idea here:

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