Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 24- $1 a day

Sean Penn is Mr. Cool as he compares U.S. expenditures:

One of the useful things I've been doing while on my experiment is get myself a little more educated about poverty and hunger-fighting organizations.

The World Food Programme is the "United Nations frontline agency in the fight againt global hunger". I wasn't aware of them, but they must have a few resources if they are a program of the United Nations. If you go on their website there are a lot of cool videos and resources-- like a downloadable world map that tracks where the most undernourished people live, and offers facts such as-

"For just 25 U.S. cents a day WFP can provide a child with a meal at school."

Man, I practically find 25 cents a day on the streets. My mind races to all the places I could save a quarter. Air dry one load of my wash instead of putting it in the dryer for 8 more minutes. Buy slightly cheaper generic brands of food rather than popular brands. Or I could simply resist buying a gumball on the way out of Toys R Us.

I can't think of anything else that a quarter can buy. Can you?

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