Sunday, March 1, 2009

Experiments in Truth

I hate it when my life goes on auto-pilot. I value paying attention, moving slowly yet deliberately, and pausing to ask myself how the world outside of my own heart is affecting me. Happily for me, my faith community values the same types of things.

My faith community is based out of ReImagine, a spiritual formation center in San Francisco. Once a year ReImagine hosts a workshop called “Experiments in Truth” in which all participants step into a “laboratory of transformation” by choosing 3 things that they are going to engage in or abstain from for 40 days. We’re supposed to thoughtfully choose experiments that will bring to the light some things that need to be transformed in our relationship with our Maker, with others, and within ourselves. Thirty-five of us are in this workshop and it will run for 7 weeks.

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